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Please read the FAQs below carefully to check whether your question is answered. If not, please send an email to alex.bellem06@gmail.com, you also could join us on facebook then send us private message, we will reply you as soon as possible.

Q1. What are the links if i want to join GTunes Music on social networks.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gtunesmusicfree

Q2. I can't find gtunes music on google android market.
Please check our website http://gtunes-music.com for the latest version, latest version always means less bugs and more features.

Q3. Always force close when downloading some song.
Please download our latest version from http://gtunes-music.com and install it, if still does not work, send an email to alex.bellem06@gmail.com.

Q4. Is it really free and legal?
Nowadays, there are many websites providing free and legal mp3 music to download, such as jamendo.com, amazon.com, Last.fm and so on. Our apps just collects free mp3 music from those websites and other public domains.

Q5. I can't find any song, there is always no search result.
Please try to change search engines and check your phone's network, if still does not work, just restart your phone(Power off, then power on) and try it again. Lots of weird problems could be resolved by restart

Q6. I found most songs i want, just can't find some songs.
Although we provide over 1,000,000 free MP3 songs to download, but We can't promise our search engines could find any songs you want, so you could try to change the search keywords and search engines.

Q7. I can't play any download MP3 file
Please check your SD card is not mounted to your computer and try to reboot your phone and try it again.

Q8. There is no lyrics or album when playing song
Please tap the "Library" tab on the top, click "All Songs", then click the song and select "Edit tags", modify them correctly and then replay it, the lyrics and album cover will be downloaded automatically according to the ID3 tags.

Q9. Where are the downloaded songs, i want to transfer them to my new phone.
Please copy the folder /sdcard/media/music from your old phone's SD card to your computer firstly, then copy it from your computer to your new phone's SD card.

Q10. I want to uninstall the repeated gtunes music, but i can't do that from market.
Please press HOME key, then press MENU key, next click Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications, click the application you want to uninstall.

Q11. The names seem to not be GTunes Music on Android market and always change.
There are some fake GTunes MUsic on android market, you should check our website for the real Gtunes Music developed by us.

Q12. Always say the song already exists in library when download some songs.
That's because you just remove the song from our gtunes music built in library but did not delete it from SD card. You could delete the file on /sdcard/media/music folder directly using some file manager.

Q13. The app force close a lot even can't open the app after update, but it works well before update, what's wrong?
Uninstall and reinstall the app will resolved this problem, this was caused by a bug on android market.

Q14. Download does not work or link is broken after download some songs, what's wrong?
Please restart your phone and try it again while WiFi is on, and don't forget to try all the four search engines.

Q15. I can't download any more songs after download certain amount of songs?
Please restart your phone and try it again while WiFi is on, if still does not work, try to uninstall it and reinstall it.

Q17. I have bought the premium member license, but didn't receive the license?
Please confirm your payment is completed on Paypal and check your spam or junk folder of your Paypal email address.

Q18. I have bought the premium member license, but can't activate it.
Please make sure you have input the correct username and license. In fact, the username is your Paypal email address and the license is the transaction id(# exclude). Besides, you could send an email including your username and license to alex.bellem06@gmail.com to ask for help.

Q19. Is $5.99 per month or for life if i want to buy premium member license?
$5.99 is one time fee and valid for life

Q20. Why the ads always pop up although i'm a premium member license?
We need money to keep up our work. For most users can afford the premium license, we just charge $5.99(for life).

Q21. I can't find where buy the premium license?
A 'Buy premium member license' dialog will be popped up after you download specified amount songs.

We will add more FAQs here later, thanks for supporting our GTunes Music.